Κυριακή, 26 Οκτωβρίου 2014

About my fellow traveller

I've been writing for four years. 

Today I'm especially proud. 

Today I found out I was an inspiration to one of my readers. She is somewhere in Italy and she said I have kept her flame burning. I have never seen her. But she is also a blogger. And she has been there for me with her comments for the past 3 years. Through my light and through my darkness she was always there. A person in the blogosphere. A supporting energy. An angel. She never judged me. She was just there. Now it's her time to open her wings and fly. I feel so grateful she is my friend. 

Emotional, Inspired, Proud, Greateful, Smiling... I do feel like crying with joy. 

This is what the human reace is supposed to be. We are supposed to keep each other burning, We are supposed to remind people who they are. Not with words. With actions. 

Today is a special day. Be well my friend. Follow your passion!

Πέμπτη, 9 Οκτωβρίου 2014

Guest Post.... By my best friend Evi.....

I hadn’t seen her for a whole month. The longest since the day we met.  Oh yeah…I missed her, I admit it. Her thought was often on my mind. Over our last drink before her departure I was worried about her. She was full of anxiety and anticipation for the great adventure she was about to experience. A new country to discover, new people to acquaint herself  with, more miles on her meter.. I kept asking her about trains, and timetables, and back up plans in a case of emergency… typical me... but she was already in “Elina’s zone”, optimistic, stress free, with her angels on her side.

Soon after her arrival in France, I followed her trail on the Internet. Her posts were short but full of sounds, French cuisine, wine, laughter and  a new day every day.  She couldn’t always “touch base”, but when she did, she sounded so happy and full of energy. One day camping on the Alps the next dancing on a square in Lyon. She could speak French and she was over the moon about that. I learnt the term “couch surfing”, heard  a dozen new names coming out of her mouth and felt sure that she was having her time of her life, even when she was exhausted during grape picking.

And the days went by. The day of our own departure had finally arrived and 5 close friends landed in the eternal city... Rome... Standing on an endless queue waiting for luggage in Fuimicino  airport a familiar sound made my head turn! “Re malakes…here you are!!” Like an elf she came out of nowhere and filled the air with her distinct voice! We were all in Rome and it felt like Christmas... and our birthday!!
Tiber river
We were welcomed by heavy rain and the smell of autumn, but nothing could stop us. The need to make each minute count and hunger led us to Campo dei Fiori where we tasted for the first time a real carbonara!! Then piazza Farnese, a stroll along the Tiber river, and the sight of the illuminated Saint Peter while devouring an Italian gelato, was all we needed to sleep tight and wait for the next morning to come...
piazza Farnese
Saint Peter

When you return from a trip, you tend to forget all the things you've done while being there. You forget the names of the streets, the churches, the museums, the exhibits.. Not in Rome. In Rome each step is a destination and each destination is a piece of history and art. There is no possible way to see everything unless you walk, and in the 4 days we spent there, walking was all we did. From the medieval streets of Trastevere to the most famous piazza in Italy, piazza Navona, and from the Gianicolo hills to the Spanish steps and Fontana di Trevi (which unfortunately was closed due to maintenance). Their churces are museums, with every corner embroidered with statues and mosaics, paintings and sarcophagus We saw people crying for Pope John Paul II and stood with respect in front of their symbols of faith. 
 We were filled with awe. The day we spent at the Vatican will be the day to remember forever. This enormous landmark, made us realise how small and humble we are. The treasure behind its doors made up for the endless queue outside and the ascent to the 137 metres  high Cupola was an experience that filled us with pride...and terror!!
The 137 metres high Cupola
High...high...very high!
Saint Peter
Inside Saint Peter

One can say so many things about the sights of Rome. Photos don't do justice. Nothing can captivate the sound of their language accompanied by expressive gestures. No photo can entail the feeling when you stand in a church built in 300 B.C. No words can describe the sense you get when you find your self among treasures in Capella Sistina or when you first lay eyes on the Colosseum. 

And then there is food....a whole chapter in our hearts!!! I knew that when you are a tourist everything tastes better but in Rome...they are better!! Not untill you taste a cup of cappucino and eat a whole pizza by yourself can you say that you have tasted Italian cuisine. I have nothing else to say....my kilos prove my words! 

Back to her...After that trip, I am a little less worried about her. Because I know now that her true calling in this life is to be herself. And she is a Travellerlina. No matter what language you speak, no matter how old you are and from which country you come from...she will find a way to communicate with you and make you smile..! It may take a little too long to "get her back" whenever she returns...but oh well...that's life! 

Evi S.

Τετάρτη, 8 Οκτωβρίου 2014

I Love You: three scary little words

When did we start fearing these three words?

I Love You.

Does "I love you" mean that you will not work anymore for the relationship? Any kind of relationship.

We are afraid to say it. 
We are afraid to hear it.  

I don't know why, these days this issue has come up in conversations. Boys and girls who will get terrified when they hear these three little words.

What does " love you" mean after all? We must search inside.

Does it mean I possess you? 
Does it mean I have the ability to hurt you?
Does it mean I am weak?
Does it mean it will last forever?
Does it mean you are in some kind of emotional prison?

Are these our subconscious thoughts behind the fear?

Is it impossible to love instantly someone and to tell them so? Is it a lie? Or is it just an emotion that overflows and has to be expressed with words? 

I love you means I expand with you.
I love you means I understand.
I love you means I am there for you, I think of you, I want to spend my moments with you.
I love you means I love me too.

We want to hear it so badly and when we do we withdraw. And it's sad. 

How many days, months, years must pass before you dare say it? Before you dare hear it? How many frozen moments? How many lost minutes in time and space?

Please say "I Love You". Say it now. Say it if you feel it. 

Please hear it when you listen to it and don't run away.

Miracles are just moments away....

Τρίτη, 7 Οκτωβρίου 2014

Some [more] notes on France

After one month living like a gypsy, sleeping on couches, beds, mattresses, washing in different showers, wearing the same clothes over and over again.... Here I am in the confort of my own home. Freeda is peacefully sleeping in her bed. My couch is comfy. My laptop in my lap. Hot tea in my cup.

The last time I was here it was August.... it's so nice I got out of my comfort zone for a while... It made me feel alive, it brought me to paths full of light. it showed me different ways of living. It gave me smiles and hugs and tears. Yes I cried on the plane to Italy. I cried because I left back a lot of love. I left back the smells and the taste and the beauty. Each face had softness and beauty. Each heart touched my soul. The Scots who call me Mc Donald. The French who love Greece, make amazing cheese and wine and know how to appreciate them. The Italians who talk like they sing.

No I did not have a single bad experience. I was going with the flow. Whenever I got stressed - about people, timetables, transportation - I would take a deep breath and assurred myself I would be fine. I was always fine, secure, taken care of. I got really tired during the wine picking, but it lasted for 8 days. It also paid for 2 more weeks of travelling. So no complains.

A few notes on France through my eyes.
The french mostly drive french cars. Renault, Peugeot, Citroen.... They are everywhere!
French toilets in houses are in a separate room. The bathroom is another room. This does not apply to every house, but most of the houses.
In a meal, cheese comes AFTER the main meal. You are full, so you only eat a little bit. If it's a creamy cheese you spread it on bread.
The french are the best breadmakers! You never get bored of bread because they have a wide variety of baquettes and loafs.
The people in the South are warmer than in the North. This does not come from personal experience, but rather from what I have been told. The truth is that same energy attracts same energy.

Παρασκευή, 3 Οκτωβρίου 2014

eat pray love. elina's version, mostly eat.

France was full of love, exhitement, beauty and light.

To top it all with a touch of romanticism and even more beauty, I came to Rome for 4 days.

It is one of the rare occasions that I do not travel alone. With me are my 5 best friends from home. It is different travelling with other people. You share more, you laugh more and you have to be more patient.

Another important aspect of the trip. I am very emotional and feel like crying all the time. I have been here before, remember?

Things where really different back then. I was going home after two months of olive picking. I was... Sad. Confused. Came back to a difficult situation. I lived a year of uncertainty and that year finished with a death.

This is behind me. I have travelled a lot since then. Here I am, wandering aimlessly on the streets of Rome again. With the love of my friends surrounding me.

I especially felt like crying when I saw piazza Navona. My favourite... This city is a museum. This city is a work of art. This city has endless, eternal beauty.

You walk for hours on end, you sit down for cappuccino and pizza and pasta...

When it's raining, you seek refuge in a church. You sit down and look up. Barok is singing above you. Putti - the little statuettes of love - are looking down on you. Angels are looking down on you.

It stops raining and you walk again. It starts. Your next refuge is Pantheon. You feel blessed. You will see water coming into the church.

Bernini and Michelangelo are hiding behind corners. All your senses are alert. You don't want to miss them. Did you know that Raphael is buried in the Pantheon? Did you know that Nature feared him?

This is it. I am having a great time. To sum it all up, I leave you with the following image.....

To be continued...