Τρίτη, 28 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

On death

 Death is simple. One moment you're btreathing and the next moment you don't breathe anymore.

Last week Antonis could not breathe. We were rushed to hospital and the doctors were certain. He would not come out of there alive. For two days he tried to breathe. The oxygen mask would not help him. His left lung was not working at all and the right one was almost destroyed. He was fighting to breathe. It was such a pain watching him...

After two days of fighting he said "This is not life. Give me some painkillers so I can go to sleep". Throughout his illness Antonis refused to sleep. Now he was asking for sleep.

Around twelve at night he said "I can't take this anymore. I am in pain." And I asked him "Where is your pain?" "Everywhere!" he sighed. He turned on his side. I went on the other side of the bed. He was looking up. I said "Look at me my love" But his eyes moved right, left and inside. I looked at his neck. There was no breath. And I thought "Is this it? Is he gone? No dramatic goodbyes? Not a chance to say anything? So quietly?"

I called the nurses and the doctor. He was gone. And then I looked up. And talked to him. I told him in my head that he is safe. I told him he should not be scared. I told him I knew he is still here. I was calm and serene. I called his parents and my parents. The doctor was good to me. She stayed with me until they came to take me. I did cry. And then I stopped. And then I cried again. And then I stopped again.

And then I was home. I lit all the lights. Inside and out. I wanted him to know we are here. His bed was there. Freeda was there and she was full of happiness to see me. I gave her a hug and told her Antonis is not coming home anymore. The kind people who took me from the hospital stayed with me all night. They were people who cared for Antonis, helped us througout the illness. We made coffee. One seat empty for him to sit. One cup for coffee for him to drink. He loved coffee.

I tried to sleep for an hour before dawn. I didn't sleep. I just cried. I lost my breath from crying.

And the morning came. And I put the 4 Seasons by Vivaldi on his big beloved stereo system. He used to listen to this music every morning. And the sun came out and it was red and bright. And I went out and looked at the sun and the music was playing and he was here. He loved the sun and he loved the music. I cried. And the new day begun.

And the people came to the house. And my dad and my sister. My mom was sick. And the friends. And the relatives. And the phonecalls. And the tears. And the laughs. And tears again. And laughs again.

The funeral.

I was wearing white and red. He was a man of colour and laughter. He was not in the coffin. A body was in the coffin. Still I put some things in the coffin.

A cd by Pink Floyd. When he learned about his illness he wrote with big charcoal letters on the wall "Shine on u crazy diamond"

A cd by Tom Waits. His favorite. He has hundreds of cds. I couldn't really choose...

His tobacco pouch and a lighter. He never stopped smoking. He had his last cigarette the day we went to the hospital.

One of his harmonicas. He loved to play his harmonica to the blues.

His childhood pocket chess. He loved chess.

The two necklaces and the ring he was wearing throughout the illness.

I broke down when I was putting this things. They thought I was going to faint but I did not.

In the church I closed my eyes and talked to him. I was telling him we made it. I was telling him we did the best we could. I was telling him he is safe. I was telling him I love him. I told him to give me a sign he is ok. I opened my eyes and doves were flying outside the window. And I smiled brightly and cried. But this time it was happiness. He is ok. He is here.

And then the tomb. I stayed behind. Did not see him going in. When he was going in I sung. "Shine_on_you cra_zy diamond"....

In the funeral there were a lot of hugs. And a lot of tears. It was over. The sufferning was over. The illness was over. He rested.

For three days I was surrounded by people. Frends and relatives. My sister slept with me. She took care of me. I needed her comfort. I did not want to sleep alone. Thank you sister. Only now I realise how much I needed you.

I don't want to go to the cemetery again. He is not there. He is in the mountain when I walk the dog. He is around me all the time.

On the third day we went to the theater with the friends. "The death of Antonello" was the play's title. How ironic! It was about a painting. How ironic!

On the fourth day I left for my parents house. I need them. I need their comforting words. The food. The hugs. The words. I am still here writing this post.

I need time. I will go back in a couple of days. I have to deal with myself and being alone. I have to sleep alone in the empty house. But this is for another post.

The days after the death I have not cried a lot. The illness was so intense I had the time to cry, be angry, tired and then angery again and then sad again... The feelings were coming and going in circles. I mourned for the relationship and I mourned for Antonis. He was never talking about death. He never said he is going to die. We never had the chance to look back. He never told me what he wants me to do with his stuff...

It's ok. He might send me a sign to tell me all this. Or he might not.

I know that everything happened for a reason. I know there were no "mistakes". I know we lived a happy life, we were a fantastic team. I know our life together was full of light and laughs and colour and creativity. I know he was supportive and he loved me. And I loved him too. We dreamt of a family. We dreamt of children. He would be a great dad. He taught me a lot of things. He supported me on my quest to be my true self. He supported my need to be different and free.

He will live in my heart. I will live and thrive on my own. Our roles changed now. He is there, I am here. Different paths, different needs.

Goodbye my love.

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  1. Πολλά από αυτά που περιγράφεις είναι τόσο οικεία, μιας και πρόσφατα είχα μια απώλεια -η πρώτη στην ζωή μου- στο συγγενικό περιβάλλον. Σε καταλαβαίνω. Δεν ξέρω τι περισσότερο να γράψω. Νομίζω πως τώρα πια ξέρεις πόσο λίγα είναι τα λόγια, σε στιγμές σαν κι αυτές.

  2. Παρόλο που δεν γνωριζόμαστε προσωπικά, ήθελα να σου πω ότι λυπάμαι πολύ για την απώλειά που νιώθεις εσύ και ακόμη περισσότερο για τα νιάτα και τα όνειρα που έχασε εκείνος. Έχοντας χάσει και τους 2 γονείς μου κάποια χρόνια πριν, ήθελα να σε προειδοποιήσω ότι ο πόνος δεν θα φύγει εντελώς ποτέ. Θα απαλύνει όμως, ελπίζω, κάποια στιγμή ...
    Όταν ηρεμήσεις λιγάκι και έχεις διάθεση, θα χαρώ να επικοινωνήσεις μαζί μου, να τα πούμε. Το μέιλ μου θα το βρεις στο blog μου. Να είσαι καλά.

  3. Παιδιά ευχαριστώ. Και μόνο που κανατε τον κόπο να γράψετε το εκτιμω αφανταστα.

    Δεν ξέρω αν υπάρχει πόνος, ίσως είναι πολύ νωρίς, όπως έγραψα και στο ποστ πονεσα πολύ στη διάρκεια των έξι μηνών της αρρώστιας. Κι έτσι περισσότερο νιώθω ανακούφιση παρά πόνο. Και μ' ένα τρόπο ξέρω ότι είναι καλά και είμαι ήσυχη. Δεν ξέρω πώς θα είναι η συνέχεια...

  4. κλαίω συνέχεια και δεν μπορώ να σταματήσω! τώρα που τα διάβασα συνειδητοποιώ τί πέρασες πραγματικά και πόσο καλός ήταν ο Αντώνης! (κι ας τα άκουσα πεντακόσιες φορές!!!)
    δεν μπόρεσα να ανοιχτώ και να τον γνωρίσω καλύτερα.
    ας είναι καλά εκεί που είναι και εσύ να συνεχίσεις το ταξίδι σου όσο καλύτερα το σκέφτεσαι. θα είμαι πάντα δίπλα σου κι ας μην καταλαβαίνω και πολλά! σ'αγαπώ πολύ.

  5. Αδερφουλα μου γλυκια... Μαλλον το γραπτο ειναι πιο δυνατο και βαρυ απο το προφορικο. Οι ανθρωποι καταλαβαινουμε πιο πολλα με το συναισθημα και λιγοτερα με το μυαλο. Κι εγω θα ειμαι παντα διπλα σου και θα σ αγαπω οτι κι αν γινει. Μαλλον ηταν η ωρα σου να κλαψεις πολυ... Σου στελνω φως και αγαπη

  6. Λυπάμαι πολύ....
    Δείχνεις πολύ δυνατή και να είσαι.. βοηθάς σίγουρα εκείνον στο ταξίδι του αλλά και εσένα να συνεχίσεις..
    Να είσαι καλά....

  7. Είναι σπάνιο να συναντάς ανθρώπους με τους οποίους ταιριάζεις τόσο ώστε να κάνετε μια καλή ομάδα. Για όσο κράτησε... Είμαι σίγουρη οτι ήταν τόσο δυνατό αυτό που περιγράφεις, ειδικά μέσα από τις συζητήσεις σας για την αυτοβελτίωση και αυτά που σε απασχολούν.
    Δεν ξέρω λόγια παρηγοριάς... Αν γνώριζες οτι η διάρκεια της σχέσης θα ήταν μικρή πιστεύω πως πάλι θα επέλεγες να την κάνεις. Και όλοι εμείς οι άνθρωποι, παρόλο που ξέρουμε οτι σίγουρα θα πεθάνουμε κάποια μέρα και οτι είναι πολύ πιθανό να αρρωστήσουμε πάλι θα επιλέγαμε να ζήσουμε.
    Είναι το τι κάνεις το χρόνο που έχεις που μετράει και όχι πόσος είναι αυτός. Ο Αντώνης φαίνεται οτι αφήνει όμορφα πράγματα στους ανθρώπους....
    Σε φιλώ.

  8. Ευχαριστω AnD, πολύ γλυκα τα λογια σου

  9. Ελίνα, ακόμα κι αν δε γνωριζόμαστε, ακόμα κι αν δε σχολιάζω συχνά, είναι σα να σε ξέρω, διότι με τόση τόλμη και αυθορμητισμό βγάζεις την ψυχή σου έξω. Άσε που με την αδελφή σου έχουμε τόσα πολλά κοινά, που απορώ πως δεν έχουμε πέσει η μία πάνω στην άλλη.
    θέλω κι εγώ να σου πω πως λυπάμαι για την απώλειά σου. Ελπίζω να μπορέσεις να το διαχειριστείς. Περάσατε δύσκολες στιγμές, αλλά ευτυχώς οι άνθρωποι έχουμε την τάση να θυμόμαστε τα καλά. Νομίζω πως το να γράφεις και να μιλάς βοηθάει πάντα.
    Μια μακρινή μεν, αλλά φίλη.

  10. Κατερινα μου κι εγω σε διαβάζω αλλα δεν τα παω πολύ καλα με τα σχολια... Η αλήθεια είναι οτι σε ζηλεύω για τη δουλεια που κανεις (που σπουδαζεις τελοσπάντων και θελω κι εγω να μπω στα τουριστικα καποια στιγμη...
    Τελος παντων, οσο περνανε οι μερες, ναι, τεινω να σκεφτομαι τις ωραιες στιγμες...
    Σε φιλω με αγαπη

  11. Λυπάμαι πολύ. Εύχομαι να είσαι δυνατή.